Well, our destiny is uncertain. Life meet us with million of story, and there will always be the hard path of sailing it. Whatever obstruct the way, will give us a reason to learn and finding the revelation. The punk and hardcore music was a major force in my life, that always set an honest-path of living the daily life. And this music documentation, somehow, will always give it a way toward our uncertain destiny, a GIFT!

Featuring songs selected from a variety of releases we have in the store.

1. SECRET PROSTITUTE (USA) – Selamat Anda Dipecat
3. SHEER MAG (USA) – What You Want

4. THE SLACKERS (USA) – Watch This
5. COMETS ON FIRE (USA) – Hatched Upon Age

6. URANUS (CND) – Face Value

7. STRAY CATS (USA) – Ubangi Stomp

8. THIS IS ATLANTIS (SG) – Polyphemus
9. SEX DWARF (SWE) – Lögner Och Skit

10. TOTAL CONTROL (AUS) – Expensive Dog

11. LOSST (MAS) – Mould
12. ROCKET (JAP) – Far Away


About tandangstore

A records store located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Our address is: No.82, 2nd floor, Zhongshan Building, Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur. Tel; 0162816316 Open daily from 12.30 pm - 9 pm (except on monday) CASH ONLY!
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