NEW USED 12″ – Psych/Stoner Rock/Doom Metal/Sludge – 16/4/2022

  • AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR– Excavation 10″ – NM/VG+ – RM 88
  • HOT LUNCH – House of Whispers LP (Orange) – NM/NM – RM 88
  • HOT LUNCH – S/T LP (Mustard) – NM/NM – RM 100
  • MARS RED SKY – S/T LP – NM/VG+ – RM 98
  • MARS RED SKY – Providence 10″ – VG+/VG+ – RM 88
  • MARS RED SKY – Be My Guide LP – NM/VG+ – RM 88
  • MARS RED SKY – Stranded in Arcadia LP (Orange) – NM/NM – RM 95
  • MARS RED SKY – Apex III LP – NM/VG+ – RM 98
  • MARS RED SKY – Myramid LP – VG+/VG+ – RM 98
  • MORKOBOT – Mostro 10″ – VG+/VG+ – RM 85
  • MOLIOR SUPERUM – Electric Escapism LP – VG+/VG+ – RM 77
  • OOZING WOUND – Retrash LP – NM/VG+ – RM 88
  • OOZING WOUND – Whatever/Forever LP – VG+/VG+ – RM 88
  • UNEARTHLY TRANCE – Eleven are the Voices LP – VG+ – RM 80
  • THE HEADS – M SIZE Shirt – RM 70

    All items only available for Walk-In Customer only!
    Check our operation hour here >>
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New Arrival from Bullwhip Records – 15/4/2022

New Arrival from Bullwhip Records
Check their full available releases here >>

CHECK OUT our Cassette Section here >> Cassette Rulezzzz!

• Osmantikos “Survival” LP/CD RM 70/ RM 25
12 new tracks from this KL based Modern Crust band.

• Keitzer “Where the Lights End” Cassette RM 15
New album from the german grinders quintet. KEITZER plays a strong form of death metal, blastbeat and grind influencessomewhere between Misery Index, Marduk, early Deicide

• Keitzer “Ascension” CassetteRM 12
Ripping fast riffs, tight as hell drumming and aggressive-like-an-pitbull vokillz combined into a fat sound-wall take your breath away and make you headbanging like insane.

• Keitzer “The Last Defence” CassetteRM 12
The German blastbeat lunatics are back to burn the hell down with their brandnew 5th. studio album named „The Last Defence“. After the successfully last album „Descend Into Heresy“ from 2011 they present 14 new stunning and bulldozing tracks

• Beton “2005-2015 Discography” CassetteRM 12
Beton from Slovakia offer a blazing skull crushing dbeats with their brand of crust infused with swedish death metal is highly addictive. A total death metal crust-core onslaught. Complete discography!

• Larma “Self Titled” CassetteRM 15
Skåne käng punk like there’s no tomorrow! For fans of Skitkids, Stress SS, Arsle etc.

• Exploator “Avgrundens Brant” CassetteRM 15
2nd album from this “all-star” raw punk / d-beat band coming out from Sweden. If you miss Totalitär – you are at the right place.

• Sickery “First World Anxiety” CassetteRM 15
Sickrecy is a Swedish Grindcore unit consisting of members of Birdflesh, General Surgery, World in Ruins and Damned to Downfall.

• Fear of Extinction ” Self Titled Discography” CassetteRM 15
A complete discography of Prague´s d-beat / punk. A strong Scandi D-beat influence ANTI-CIMEX, MOB 47, 3 WAY CUM, WARCOLLAPSE etc.

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NEW USED 12″ – Psych/Stoner Rock/Doom Metal/Sludge – 11/4/2022

All items are only available for WALK-IN CUSTOMER ONLY!
First come, first serve and no reservation.
Please check our operation hour >>

Capricons “Self Titled” LP – Black Vinyl (Rise Above) [Doom Metal] – RM 80
Culted “Oblique to All Paths” 2LP – Clear Vinyl (Relapse) [Doom Metal] – RM 90
Banquet “Jupiter Rose” LP – Violet Vinyl (Heavy Psych) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
Bl’ast! “Blood!” LP – Maroon Vinyl (Southern Lord) [HC/Punk] – RM 90
Black Magician “Nature is the Devil’s Church” LP – Red Vinyl (Shaman Recordings) [Doom Metal] – RM 90
Brain Pyramid “Magnetosphere” LP – Turqoise Vinyl (VE Recordings) [Doom Stoner] – RM 100
Brain Tentacles “Self Titled” LP – Maroon (Relapse) [Prog Metal] – RM 90
Cloud Catcher “Trails of Kozmic Dust.” LP – Clear Vinyl (Totem Cat) [Hard Rock] – RM 100
Eagle Twin “The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale” 2LP – Black Vinyl (Southern Lord) [Doom Metal] – RM 98
Ex-Craw “Extant/Extinct.” LP – Black Vinyl (Cubo De Sangre) [Black Metal] – RM 70
Floor “Homegoings and Transitions/Shadowline” LP (Season Of Mist) – Black Vinyl [Doom Metal] – RM 65
Glitter Wizards “Hollow Earth Tour” LP – Red Vinyl (Heavy Psych Sound) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
Glitter Wizards “Opera Villians” LP – Pink Vinyl (Heavy Psych Sound) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
Glitter Wizards “Hunting Gatherers” LP – Black Vinyl (Captcha Records) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
Hangman’s Chair/Greenmachine. “Split” LP (Music Fear Satan) – Pink Vinyl [Stoner Doom] – RM 90
High Priest of Saturn “Self Titled” LP – Gold Vinyl (Svart Records) [Stoner Rock] – RM 90
House of Lightning “Lightworker” LP – Red Vinyl (Fair Warning) [Prog Rock] – RM 90
Horsehunter “Cage in Flesh” LP – Maroon (Magnetic Eyes) [Sludge] – RM 108
Iommi Stubbs “Rock and Roll Odor” LP – Black Vinyl (American Voter Records) [Metal/Punk] – RM 90
Iron Monkey “Sep-13” LP – Black Vinyl (Relapse) [Sludge] – RM 90
Lewis & The Strange Magics “Velvet Skin” LP – Black Vinyl (Soulseller) [Psych rock] – RM 90
Limb “Self Titled” LP – Black (New Heavy Sound) [Doom Metal] – RM 70
Ludicra “Fex Urbis Lex Orbis.” LP – Black Vinyl (Alternative Tentacles) [Black Metal] – RM 90
Ludicra “Another Great Love Song” LP- Black Vinyl (Alternative Tentacles) [Black Metal] – RM 90
Mammatus “Self Titled” LP – Black Vinyl [Stoner Rock] – RM 90
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastards/Slomatic “Totem Split” LP – Red (Black Bow) [Sludge/Doom] – RM 100
Norska “Self Titled” LP – Olive Vinyl (Brutal Panda) [Doom Metal] – RM 88
Naevus “Heavy Burden” 2LP – Clear Vinyl (Heavy Burden) [Doom Metal] – RM 90
Oozing Wound “Earth Suck” LP – Pink (Thrill Jockey) [Trash Metal] – RM 100
OWL “Self Titled” LP – Clear Vinyl – RM 90
Primitive Man/Unearthly Trance “Split” LP – Black Vinyl (Relapse) [Sludge] – RM 90
Shepherd “Demonstration” LP – Blue Vinyl (Helmet Lady) [Doom Metal] – RM 100
Serpentine Path “Emanations” LP – Clear Vinyl (Relapse) [Doom metal] – RM 90
Svvamp “Self Titled” LP – Black Vinyl (Riding Easy) [Stoner Rock] – RM 100
Svvamp “II” LP – Black Vinyl (Riding Easy) [Stoner Rock] – RM 100
The Hyle “Self Titled” LP – Orange (Wolfsbane) [Doom Metal] – RM 85
The Judge “Tell it to the Judge” LP (Ripple Music) – Black Vinyl [Doom Metal] – RM 90
The Tower “Hic Abundant Leones” LP – Orange Vinyl (Bad Omen) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
The Tower “Self Titled” LP – Red Vinyl (Dybbuk) [Psych Rock] – RM 90
Titan “Pilzmarmelade” LP – Orange Creamy (Wakusei Records) [Exp Rock] – RM 80
Unearthly Trance/The Endless Blockade “Split” LP – Black Vinyl (Chrome Peeler) [Doom/Powerviolence] – RM 90
Valborg “Endstrand” LP – Red Vinyl (Prophecy Recordings) [Industrial] – RM 100
Vincent Black Shadow “Self Titled” LP – Clear (Alt Rock) [Heart Break Beat] – RM 75
Wolfblood “Self Titled” LP – Olive Vinyl (Darker Than Black) [Black Metal] – RM 90
Zig Zags “Running Out of Red” LP – Red Vinyl (Castle Face) [Hard Rock] – RM 100
ZONG “Self Titled” LP – Black Vinyl (Cardinal Fuzz) [Psych Rock] – RM 100

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Tandang Tee Series – Rock And Roll Dojo





New print T- SHIRT.
Design by Alak Idle.

Printed on GILDAN HEAVY COTTON and come in S – XXL Sizes

Purchase the shirt here :


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OUT NOW! TR27 – THE GARRISON – Speciesism CD


THE GARRISON is a ‘in-your-face’ punk rock quartet from Malaysia with much punky-reggae-rebel party flare. This new release from THE GARRISON contains 7 new tracks from frantic dried up classic punk – rock and roll together with low and heavy bass pumping dub reggae tunes.
CD in gatefold digipact cassing with booklet. (Early 100 copies to receive limited free poster and sticker)

Purchase here >>
Check their video >>

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TR24 – CODE ERROR – Self Titled CS


OUT NOW >> A debut cassette release from this solid grindcore band formed by the member of Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. Straight up, heavy, and definitely crushing fucking grindcore.

Purchase here >>

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TR022 – HOW – Trash Till Death CS // TR023 – RED RED KROOVY – Compilation CS

We are putting out two cassettes for these two bands for their South East Asian tour.
H.O.W is coming from Tokyo, Japan and consist of the guy that been active running and working with space like MOONSTEP and WALL in Tokyo City.
RED RED KROOVY is an Australia band consist a member of bands like UBIK and MASSES (which also having a cassette release under Tandang Records). Great Garagy/KBD Style punk.

RRK-2TR23 – RED RED KROOVY – Compilation CS
31 tracks compilation from this great old school garage/KBD punk style band from Australia.
Include >>
– 7″ release by Helta Skelta records in 2015,
– Self Titled 7″ release by Rip Society records in 2013,
– Self Release demo cassette, release in 2012
– track taken from Now and Then compilation cassette, relese by Paradise Daily records in 2016.
Purchase here >>

howcs-2TR22 – H.O.W (HEAD OVER WALLS) – Trash Till Death CS
Manic 3 piece trashcore band from Tokyo, Japan. Cassette release only for their Malaysia /Singapore short/ mini tour in 2017.
11 tacks of Short, Fast and Loud Trashcore tunes. The cassette is a repress from their LP self releses.

Purchase here >>

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We are honour to have these two new Cassette Releases.
(Please Click at the picture for mailorder)

parasytes-cs tott-boll
TR021 – PARASYTES – The Singles Cassette
PARASYTES hailing from Montréal, Québec, blend some metallic doses resemble the mighty Sacrilege and coated with tasty Chaos UK’s pogo rhythm recipe. Plus with persona behind bands like After the Bombs, Truncheons, SkullNBone and Napalm Raid, do expect a full blast of great riffs, great rhythms and… well, just great overall.
This 10 tracks release in coniunction with Parasytes’ Total Infestation South East Asian/Australia tour.

Two almighty and hardworking bands joining together in this split cassette, with a total of 6 killer tracks of unforgivenable beats and relentless attack. THE BOLLOCKS still deliver an amazing hardcore punk tune that they initiate since the “Revival” album era. Heavy “Death Metal” guitar sounding, tight drumming and angry vocal. A perfect blend.
TOOLS OF THE TRADE continue their tradition of bringing some punishing grindcore tune, but this time adding a lil bit modern hardcore riff and a lil bit sludge riff inside. They never failed delivering a good grindcore music.

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TR 018 – KILLEUR CALCULATEUR / VAGUE Split 7″ out now!

Two vigorous post-hard core platoon coming from two hectic cities in Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta) come together in this long awaited release.
Price is RM 40.

Listen to Killeur Calculateur Track here:

(Click the picture for mailorder purchase!)

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Please visit our new online shop!
Go to:

Thanks for you support!

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