THE DEAD PAN SPEAKER (from Japan) Mini South East Asian Tour

THE DEAD PAN SPEAKER from Japan will start their South East Asia mini tour.

THE DEAD PAN SPEAKERS is not that ordinary post-punk shebang. This Japanese POSTKRAUTROCK quartet gives you a more light and bouncy feeling into that shredding rhythm with more depths and intensity in their music. There’s is a lot of that wild SONIC YOUTHy grills that coats onto that motoric Kraut-beat going on and off with shivering ambience. Brilliant and certainly groovy all the way.


They will playing these following places:
17th August (Thurs) – Soundmaker Studio, Penang
18th August (Fri) – Nagarakota, Sitiawan
19th August (Sat) – Live Fact, Kuala Lumpur
20th August (Sun) – LITHE HOUSE, Singapore


THE DEADPANSPEAKER “Disgorging” cassette is out now under Tandang Records.
Available for RM 12.00
Please email to mailorder or simply walk in to our store to purchase.

Check their bandcamp:

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The SOUTH EAST ASIAN region do offer a lotsa good music.Supporting and empowering your local community is an important role to play. We had been living in really fast cyber reality world and connecting with people in a way will give a lots of meaning to our lonesome life. By buying a releases and going to local show, will keep the scene alive. So this episode will feature few Regional Releases that we think important and worth to check out.

1. HOMICIDE (INA) – Puritan (God Blessed Fascists)
2. SIAL (SG) – Hitam / Lalai
3. SOFT (MAS) – Teenage Poetry On VHS Dream
4. BAD OMEN (PHI) – We Are The One (originally by THIRD WORLD CHAOS)
5. SPLIT TONGUE (MAS) – Smash The Wall
6. BLOODSTONE (SG) – Seeds Of The Slavery
7. MUCK (MAS) – Local Thrash Heroes
8. UGLY BASTARD (INA) – Bakar Ilusi Pulau Surga
9. OVERTHROWN (SG) – Walk The Talk
10. BOHR (MAS) – Voyager
11. BIOFEEDBACK (PHI) – Karamihan Ng Tao Ay Pu
12. THIS IS ATLANTIS (SG) – Utopian Visions
13. THE FATALIS (MAS) – Taknak Standard

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Well, our destiny is uncertain. Life meet us with million of story, and there will always be the hard path of sailing it. Whatever obstruct the way, will give us a reason to learn and finding the revelation. The punk and hardcore music was a major force in my life, that always set an honest-path of living the daily life. And this music documentation, somehow, will always give it a way toward our uncertain destiny, a GIFT!

Featuring songs selected from a variety of releases we have in the store.

1. SECRET PROSTITUTE (USA) – Selamat Anda Dipecat
3. SHEER MAG (USA) – What You Want

4. THE SLACKERS (USA) – Watch This
5. COMETS ON FIRE (USA) – Hatched Upon Age

6. URANUS (CND) – Face Value

7. STRAY CATS (USA) – Ubangi Stomp

8. THIS IS ATLANTIS (SG) – Polyphemus
9. SEX DWARF (SWE) – Lögner Och Skit

10. TOTAL CONTROL (AUS) – Expensive Dog

11. LOSST (MAS) – Mould
12. ROCKET (JAP) – Far Away


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tandang-location1We are having a new branch at Zhongshan Building, Kampung Attap.

Our new address is:
No.82, 2nd Floor, Zhongshan Building, Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

Operation Hour:
Tue-Sat: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-8pm
Monday: CLOSE!

Contact number:
0162816316 – Choi
0163330475 – Wan
0126536578 – Alak

Do come and visit us!


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PRE ORDER – TR015 – HOMICIDE 2xCD Discography CD

homicThis release is a complete collection of all the materials produced by this radical Bandung Hip-Hop unit during their 13 years existence till they decided to disband in 2007. Compiled from all their 3 albums, 1 split album, singles from compilations and also unreleased and remix tracks. All of the tracks in this release has been remastered.

A total of 33 songs fit into this double CD comes with a 150 pages booklet containing album informations, side notes from each vinyl released, full lyrics, documentation photos, flyer artworks and a poster.
Officially released in Malaysia by Tandang Records.

>> Wholesale Price : RM 30.00 (Minimum 10 copies)
>> Pre-Order Price : RM 35.00

>> For all Pre-Orders, do email or
// Whatsapp (Wan 0163330475)

>> Do check Tandang Store’s list at

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RANK-XEROXRANK/XEROX – s/t LP [Sabotage records] are available for RM 68.00 from Tandang Store
Review by Alak

Coming from Bay Area SF, a scene which has been long time generating multiple bands in a diverse range of multiple genre, somehow explains the rad ingredients toss in the production of RANK/XEROX’s debut album.

In any argument to exactly evaluate any post-punk bands, one can always sense whether the band is just in total narcissistic sense misled in their own cave of vanity creating feeble art OR the band just really understands and has got it in putting the sincere expression into their layers of their tunes.

What RANK/XEROX has offer in this self-title album is purely superb madness refined in wonderful tunes that could make your balls rattle themselves. Their music are set in the modish side of chaos, where you get the hooks of that jangling reverby guitar strums fuming within the driving drums and dark bulgy bass line running in the back that never gets tired.

The essence of a more soothing pop nuance underlays in most tracks even though everything does sounds a mess in a good way. It’s like taking the gist of MISSION OF BURMA and GANG OF FOUR, hyping it up with the ridicules of MINUTEMEN before going all FUGAZI on the rage.

Well getting a band to brlend in the classic sounds of that No-Wave into a chic way gives this album a more kick in this hip days of lung screaming and raging violence.

Listen to RANK/XEROX here

For more info : PM Tandang Store or email ||

or visit our sites online at : ||
or check our store list at :

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NUDITY “Astronomicon” 12″LP [Iron Lung records]

NUDITYNUDITY  “Astronomicon” 12″LP [Iron Lung records]  are available for RM80.00 from Tandang Store
Review by Alak

Almost a lot of bands today is going all revival. Repeating the typical devils chord of rock&roll with whining psychedelic solo that drags you on too long in a pseudo stone state of mind. Well, a wrong turn in doing it or trying too hard to imitate can make things turn out pretty tedious and mundane.
NUDITY did it a different way. They came out with Astronomicon which has the body of rock and roll nicely dressed up with the colors of that frenetic psychedelic post-punk vibe and all fired up with the motors Kraut-rock.

NUDITY is an OLYMPIA based band, combining talents from hardcore/punk bands such as THE NEEDS, SEX/VID, BROKEN WATER and more. This combination gave birth to an amalgam of rawk and raw artistry, the reincarnation of POLY STYRENE in the form of PATTI SMITH lead singing for DEVO and KRAFTWERK jamming the MC5 versus STOOGES as if it is live in your face.

Astronomicon contains 8 charging tracks that goes on full throttle with energy blasted in beautiful eccentric crescendos. Tremendous pairing of guitars that goes crazy, explosion of improvisation on the wild breaks and it builds up back with the galloping cave drum beats and laced with an ample amount of shimmering mad raving synth.
No questions, no complaints. It might be to early to decide, but NUDITY’s -‘Astronomicon’ heads straight into my 2015 Top5 list.
“if you could deconstruct me, I’ll tell you what you’d find, my blood’s the color of burning roses, but there’s no fire inside.” – Track – Astronomicon by NUDITY

Listen to NUDITY here

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